Defending our Dreams: revisited

As I start packing for the #AWIDForum, excited and grateful I’m going to see so many old friends who have sustained me through the years (and make new ones to inspire me now), I realise that the last AWID Forum I was at was Bangkok 2005. Where we launched Defending Our Dreams (AWID and Zed Press), afaik the first ever international anthology of young feminist analyses.

DoD was a labour of love and passion for Shamillah Wilson, Kristy Turest-Swartz and me, with the faith and incredible inspiration of Peggy Antrobus, and with the amazing contributions and collaborations of a bunch of fabulous feministas. It’s been ten years, sistahs!

As I look back, this excerpt from the introduction (pulled together with Shams’ thoughts and my crazed writing at 5 in the morning one long ago day in Bangalore), still seems relevant. What do you think?

“We are straddling many complex identities and locations; we are both insider and outsider, rooted in our origins and yet diasporic in our natures. Very often the only way we survive is by using spaces in-between: spaces where we create our own families and communities. Feminist communities have been one such space, where we have flourished and grown. We are a generation of feminists who dream and imagine – like those before us, and no doubt, like those after us – many other worlds. We defend those dreams in our engagement as advocates, organizers, spokespersons, protesters, researchers, and strategists in social movements across the globe. We believe that our energies, friendship, love, creativity, and passionate advocacy for equality and justice can spark holistic visions, fresh analyses, and new strategies for change. We hope that we will embody our own visions of leadership – of being both follower and leader, of being inspired, and becoming inspiration.”

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