Reporting hate: South Asians and Arabs

We’ve been hearing of increased incidents of targeted violence across the US, post elections. For South Asian and Arab communities and friends who are vulnerable, here are some tips from South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT). I’ll keep posting updates on some of the response mechanisms we’re all working on to put in place. Stay safe, and please pass these on to others in our communities.
1) SAFETY: Check up on your friends, family, and community spaces. Keep your phone charged, have cash on hand, take off your headphones, and be aware of your surroundings. During an incident, do your best to get to a SAFE PLACE, try to RECORD with a phone if you’re able, contact folks who can help ASSURE YOUR SAFETY (for some this may include the police), and then REPORT the incident.
(2) HATE INCIDENTS: If you or someone you know is subjected to a hate incident, it’s important to address and report it. This can include things like name-calling, vandalism, school/workplace harassment, housing discrimination, or physical attacks.
(3) HOW TO REPORT: If you encounter a hate incident (anything from name-calling up to physical assaults) targeting South Asian, Sikh, Muslim, and Arab communities, report it via South Asian Americans Leading Together’s online form.

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