Safety pins and beyond

To allies wearing safety pins, know what it means, and be prepared to act upon the symbol you wear. Have a plan. Thank you for the support.

Know What The Pin Means.

It is a sign that you are a safe person. A marginalized person who is being harassed will look to you to help keep them safe. By wearing the safety pin you make a public pledge to be a walking, talking safe space for the marginalized. All of the marginalized. You don’t get to pick and choose. You can’t protect GSM people but ignore the Muslim woman who needs help. You can’t stand for Black people who are dealing with racial slurs but ignore the disabled person who is dealing with a physical attack.

But really, away from the public spaces, in your homes and workplaces, be prepared to have the brave, difficult, painful conversations around power and privilege (including your own) that you may have been uncomfortable, wary, afraid of having so far. Those may well go much further than safety pins.

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