A scatter of public appearances and interviews. (This page is a work-in-progress.)


Where the Mind is Without Fear: Education and Human Rights in India was for India Literacy Project’s anniversary dinner celebrating 25 years, in October 2015.

Leadership in a Networked World is the keynote I gave at the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence in May 2014.

‘Our struggle, our leadership’: challenging poverty through women’s rights was the lecture I was invited to give at UC Berkeley’s Blum Center in October 2010.

Fundamentalisms of the Progressive is a speech I made at the World Social Forum in 2004. A version was later published in the DAWN newsletter.

Interviews and articles

With Bloomberg BusinessWeek, on diversity and inclusion in the Wikipedia editorial pool (December 2016).

With Alliance, the UK-based philanthropy and social investment magazine, on grantmaking in the Wikimedia movement (October 2013).

With Nonprofit Quarterly, the US-based civil society and nonprofit news site, on the passion economy of the Wikimedia movement (September 2013).

In Pakistan Link, on an evening of food and storytelling, marking the anniversaries of Indian and Pakistani independence (September 2009).

With the BBC (June 2003), on the poem ‘Silence’ and Hillary Clinton’s memoir, ‘Living History’.

In the New York Times (March 1995), on the poem ‘Silence’.