A spatter of published writing. (This page is a work-in-progress.)

Whose Knowledge?

We’re All Connected Now, So Why Is The Internet So White And Western? with Mark Graham (The Guardian, October 2017)

Open It Up! A Feminist Approach to Knowledge Building in a Digital Age with Siko Bouterse and Sara Baker (Take Back The Tech, 7 December 2017)

Mapping the Feminist Internet: the Whose Knowledge? campaign at the AWID Forum, with Siko Bouterse (GenderIT.org, 3 October 2016)

Where On the Internet is Your Knowledge? (Association for Women’s Rights in Development, 26 August 2016)


Defending Our Dreams: Global Feminist Voices for a New Generation, the young feminist anthology I co-edited with Shamillah Wilson and Kristy Evans. (AWID and Zed Books, 2006)


What Does Freedom Mean to You, Mr. Government? (For Bassel Kharbatil, Cost of Freedom, 2015)

Singing Across the Borders (Outlook, August 2009; and the anthology, ‘A Clear Blue Sky’, Puffin Books, 2010)

Silence (Ultraviolet, 2009; frontispiece to ‘Between Voice and Silence’, Harvard University Press, 1997; various other newspapers, magazines, and online spaces)

Opinion pieces and reflections

Being Ayize Jama-Everett (FOGcon 7, March 2017)

Erasing History: What the battle over California’s textbooks really means (Indian Express, May 2016)

Erasing Tolerance? HAF’s changes can only be described as ahistorical edits to history books (Indian Express, May 2016)

Women Help Promote a Just Global Economy (San Francisco Chronicle, September 2011)

Will the U.S. Follow India’s Example? (SFGate, March 2010)

The State of the World’s Women, written with Christine Ahn (Foreign Policy in Focus, March 2010)


Concept, category and claim: insights on caste and ethnicity from the police in India (Ethnic and Racial Studies, Vol. 33 Issue 4, 2010)